Charlie_ChinChina Storytelling is a site for history buffs, educators, storytelling fans, and music lovers to connect with Chinese American historian and master storyteller  Charlie Chin. You are at the right place if you (and your group) plan to

  • Join Charlie for historical, cultural, and culinary tours of San Francisco’s Chinatown;
  • Enliven your classroom with intensively researched and interactive Chautauqua-style storytelling performances;
  • Engage your employees, trainees, or conference attendees with master storytelling workshops and examine the voice of historical characters in context;
  • Participate in a fun and dynamic ukulele orchestra or simply book a lesson!

China Storytelling invites you to explore the rest of the site and learn more about Charlie.


4 Responses “Welcome!” →
  1. I was introduced to Mr. Chin on C-Span’s History TV this weekend. I enjoyed his talks on the history of the Chinese people in America. I also like his style of story telling. I will look for more of his walking and talking tours of San Francisco’s Chinatown on C-Span.

  2. … Bravo …


  3. Raquel Moncada

    October 7, 2013

    I went to the 41st Jonesborough Storytelling festival where I had the opportunity with my daughter to listen to Mr. Chin under the stars. Oh! What a night! Thank you Mr. Chin!


  4. Art Altman

    September 24, 2015

    Charlie, I don’t know if you heard, but Jerry Moore passed on in early September. Many of us will have an empty spot in our lives. – Art Altman


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